1. This is my second time with Olec and it won’t be the last. He’s a really nice guy, courteous and friendly. And in bed he’s something of an artist. For me, it was a session of light bondage and some edging. A real knock out. Every bit as handsome as his pictures as well.

2. I was a little nervous at first but once I was in his company, Olec soon had me relaxed and pressed all the right buttons for me…. switching me on immediately!! Olec is an outstanding escort and I shall be seeing him many times in the future and can’t wait to see him again!

3. Met Olec in April 2012 and have decided to meet him again when I visit London, which I did this time round. He is as good as you can get, a nice, warm and cheerful young man. Full of energy. Try him and you will like it! I have done that in my last visit and this visit, and I am hooked on it!

4. Master Olec, has just broken me into the world of S&M and it was amazing. I have booked to see him again in three days time to learn more. 

Olec is handsome, fit and very intuitive, controlling a slave in both an assertive yet benign manner. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Olec to introduce you to the world of master and slave and then you too will be captivated.

5. Master Olec looks as young and as HOT as when I first met him 2 years ago.
It was awesome to be trampled by those wonderful boots, and to lick them and to be kicked by them. He’s a really experienced and dominant master and at the same time you can talk to him normally before and after the session.
I’m looking forward to meet you again!

6. hot Master!Very dominant,very big feet and hot hard horny young cock!He really can take control and show u a good time!he is the best master i met in 10 years !High recommended !!try him and u will become a regular like me!
10 from 10,just waw

9.If they didn’t exist the world would be dull (can’t live without them)
Sceptical if they could keep up the standard they’re known for after what would be my fourth visit (yeah they did).
Always something different, although you give them some idea of what you want. I think they got the hint that I wanted something rougher this time.
They’re always a joy to meet & they deserve the reputation that they have. Good sense of humour & down to earth. Even managed to cure my back ache ! They do the soft stuff as well if you’re a novice to BDSM but you’ll be in safe hands.
Would I see them again ? yeah their imagination is endless & wild. Nice eye candy too ! Thanks

7. Very good master: dominant, but at the same time quiet and thoughtful, a combination I very much appreciate. Two pluses: he’s got very beautiful feet which I loved to lick and he can piss like a horse. And he doesn’t act in haste, but takes his time.

10.I was a bit apprehensive about meeting them at first but I guess that’s natural. Well equipped playroom, I think they have everything, a bit like going into a toyshop & finding it difficult to choose something. They were very eager to get as much done as possible in the short time we had but it wasn’t rushed. They do look the part of dominant masters, photos are up to date ones but they do look better in person. Very enthusiastic in what they do but they do respect your limits & insist that you have a safe word should play get too much for you. Very imaginative for guys so young but don’t let age put you off as they have mature minds. An hour goes really quickly, too quickly, so next time I’ll book longer. Can I recommend them ? Hell yeah, go for it, you won’t be disappointed (I wasn’t). Money well spent ! You’ve got to see them, they are what they state in their profile ! Thanks

8. WAW, Best escort on this site! GOOD LOOKING, FIT, BIG COCK, FRIENDLY. What can u want more from an escort? He is hot. Meet him!

11.Second visit but for 3 hours this time !

I’ve met them once before but was still a bit nervous but they quickly put me at ease.
They can appear quiet on meeting them but I think they use the initial talk to just suss you out a bit but I can assure you they’re not once they get to work on you !

Everything is immaculately clean in their playroom before you enter & leave which has to be an essential part of choosing to meet them and safe play at all times.
Covered lots of activities, Electro, ass play, interrogation, whips, paddles, face slapping etc.

They can be really tormenting and brutal at times if that’s what you’re into. They were certainly a lot rougher this time. They tend to watch your reactions and will either increase the intensification or add things to the scene as the session progresses, somethings I wasn’t expecting.It’s easy to see why they are so popular and why guys repeatedly visit again and again. I can’t compliment them or recommend them enough. Good guys that know what they are doing and experienced in their craft.

A word of warning, they will mention things to see how you react and you may well end up doing it ! It’s almost as if they can read your mind.

An ecstatic day for what would normally have been a boring Monday.

12. Strong , handsome sexy and hot , what a MASTER perverse sometimes impulsive but is what i asked for to be my Master he is also Kindly you can trust him totally he know what he do , friendly after session see you next time …

13.Had the pleasure of meeting Master Olec and Master Darko on my recent trip, or one should say the honour and privilege.
Both masters are stunningly handsome and are much sexier than a picture can protray.
It was made very clear during the early stages of our session what my role as a bitch and slut was, to obey , honour, serve and satisfy both master needs and sexual gratification.
Through out the session eye contact play a key role and one knew by such contact if one was fulfilling there duty to both masters.
A perfect use of adjectives were use throughout the session to remind one what they really are should one hestitate to think any differently.
Our session was mind blowing both masters are through experts at there profession. They have the most amazing feet for one to worship as one should.
Time spent with both was such a privilege.
So guys if you visting London or if Master Olec and Darko are in your city a date with thses guys should never be missed.

14. I recently spent time with Masters Olec and Darko. I found their professionalism and dedication to their craft superb.

They began our interaction by first reviewing our agreed upon session details, they ensured I was fully aware of the coming intensity and recommend a safe word with this being our first time together.

Our time encompassed wide ranging activities and their attention to detail was amazing.
Regarding their personnal appearance. Both Masters exceeded all expectations.

The one problem I would warn anyone is that it’s easy to get hook on these Masters, the most complete satisfying experience I have ever had, looks like I’ll be vacationing in Europe this year.

15. I really don’t want to give my secret away as I visited Master Olec for many years. Skillfully he trained me as his slave to endure more pain, BDSM, CBT, domination, bondage, whatever my fantasy was became reality with him.
Then Master Darko teamed up with him, a combination made in heaven. What a dream to be in the presence of two sexy master who always have new ways to raise your longing, please masters more !
I can recommend both Masters, once you meet with those wonderful experts you wonder why you waited so long to express your deep inner feelings. Call them now for an appointment, but I may be faster… you have been warned.

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