1. Are You Over 18 Years Old?

Yes – I am over 18

2. How Much Notice do you Need?

I really prefer to work on an appointment basis rather than at the last minute so the sooner you let me know the better

3. What Hours Do You Work?

24 hours a day so we can arrange to meet when it suits you

4. What is the Best Time to Call / Meet?

I prefer email contact and SMS at any time – I will respond as soon as I am able to. You can also call me between 11 am and 10 pm although if I am with a client I may not be able to accept the call.

5. Can We Meet Right Now?

If I am available we can meet right now although I do prefer appointments

6. Are you Discreet?

Discretion is an absolute perquisite both from your perspective and mine. I am totally discrete and expect the same in return

7. Do you accommodate?

I can accommodate and my place is always clean and tidy. I also do outcalls to client’s home, hotels or other accommodations such as dungeons

8. Will You Travel Overseas?

I am prepared to travel anywhere overseas for the right client. You will have to book me for a minimum of 2 days depending on where you want me to travel to, and will have to pay all the travel expenses in advance.

9. What Happens on Overnights?

Usually an overnight starts with dinner, then 4 hours play and then we sleep together.

10. How Do I Book You for 24 hours, Weekend or Longer?

The best way to book me is by email or SMS and will depend on my availability. Obviously the more notice you can give enhances the chance of me being available for a longer period of time.

11. Do you have Restrictions on Age. Race etc..

The only restriction I have is that you must be at least 18 years of age, clean and respectful.

12. What S & M experience do you have?

I have 6 years experience of being a Master

13. Do you Kiss?

I prefer not to kiss you – after all you are my slave

14. Are you Top, Versatile or Active?

I am 100% Active

15. Are you Healthy and Hygienic?

Yes – I ensure that I am clean and hygienic. I am HIV negative and STI free and am tested regularly – at least every three months. I am very healthy and can prove it!

16. Will You do Bareback if I Pay More?

No – I never do bareback. I am HIV Negative and intend to stay that way so I will not consider any unsafe practices which jeopardise my health.

17. Do you have a Duo Partner?

I can provide a duo partner or you can choose one from the websites.

18. Are you chems friendly?

I am chems friendly and can provide Viagra poppers meth and g but I do not do heavy drugs such as coke or other class A drugs.

19. Do You Offer Discounts/ What's Your Best Price?

I offer discounts over my usual hourly rates for longer bookings and the fee will be agreed when you book me.

20. Are the Reviews Really from Clients?

Yes, everything on my site is real.

21. What are your limits?

I do not do bareback, unsafe practices, no blood, no scat.